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How To Make Cappuccino Coffee In Bandung Barat

A tasty cappuccino coffee recipe for those of you that want making coffee without the hassle. Enjoy a mug of warm and scrumptious coffee, you do not have ahead to a coffee shop you know. You can also make your own in the house to enjoy on your own, or you can also for those of you that want making a coffee shop business. This cappuccino coffee recipe very easy and simple to learn and appearance for the ingredients. make one If you want to try production this coffee on your own and want to open up a coffee business, it is a must Watch and learn how to do it.

Cappuccino is a regular Italian drink made from espresso coffee and milk. For the proportion of the combination is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 milk foam. This drink is basically such as other drink based upon espresso. Initially look, this drink is almost the like a latte.

Tasty and Tasty Cappuccino Coffee Recipe

If the latte is a mix of espresso, steamed milk and fine foam. Unlike the cappuccino which has various parts. Milk that used making this mug of cappuccino using more foam thick. In a mug of cappuccino the milk foam appearances coarser because of the process much longer heavy vapor. Steaming process, this foam uses current heavy vapor devices on an espresso machine that's a heavy vapor stick. But it is not just performed with heavy vapor sticks just.

There are several manner ins which are used making foam, particularly by hand. You can use a frother which resembles a pen with a turning idea. From the turning of the device after that creates milk foam. Besides using this device can also use a french push. How to do it with Fill the french push with milk and drink it using a bettor. For to obtain foam it needs to be trembled several times.

To earn this Cappuccino Coffee Recipe, there's no limit on the kind of beans coffee as well as the variety of coffee beans in a mug of cappuccino. It is simply it's suggested to choose coffee beans with a thick body so that the scent and preference coffee remains solid can balance milk. Well to offer a mug This cappuccino preferably uses a glass with which ceramic material? has a relatively great heat retention when compared with glass glass. Last but not least, to give it an fascinating touch, spray some cocoa powder in addition to the milk foam.

Coffee Cappuccino Recipe

The ingredients needed making a mug of Cappuccino are quite easy, to name a few are :

Materials :

  • Coffee beans
  • Scales
  • Coffee grinder
  • Water
  • Cow's Milk
  • Press
  • French press
  • Cup

How to Make Coffee :

  1. Heat sprinkle to 90 degrees
  2. Grind coffee 18 grams
  3. Then put the ground coffee in the presso
  4. After that push the coffee for 18 grams after that enter 90 levels as long as 60 ml.
  5. Then put the espresso right into the offering glass.

How to Make Milk :

  1. Heat milk to 90 degrees
  2. Push 120 ml of cow's milk using a french push, to produce foam which is enough after that tremble up to 1 min.

How to Produce a Last Offering :

  1. First gradually put the warm milk right into the espresso.
  2. After that spray cocoa powder in addition to the milk foam as a sweetener. Can also changed with cinnamon
  3. A mug of cappuccino prepares to be enjoyed.

It is quite easy to earn, for those of you that want making and enjoy This mug of coffee can be made on your own currently in your home. For those of you that want open up a coffee shop business, here are some referrals to plastic coffee product packaging screen publishing, paper mugs, almond containers and many others.

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